Width Gauges

KCP make width gauges are best suitable for checking groove width.

gauge set
0.5- 100mm
gauges - customisation
Customisation available
Gauges - Material
Carbide | Steel
Gauges - unit
Gauges - Accreditation icon
IS: 3455 (standard for manufacturing tolerance)


Product Information
  • We manufacture width gauges in reversible type design from 0.5 to 100mm.

  • We provide ‘GO’ & ‘NOGO’ in Carbide / Steel.

  • Custom Width Gauges with special design for woodruff & crank pin width checking are also catered.
Technical Specifications


width gages - dimensions

Material Range L/L1
Carbide / Steel 0.5-10 15/15
10.5-100 20/20

* All figures in mm