Length Bars

Manufactured from same special alloy steel used for Gauge blocks so as to achieve the finest properties. Bars are offered in 22mm and 12mm diameter in steps of 25mm. Bars of 12mm dia. can be used as Micrometer Setting Standards.

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25mm to 1000mm - standard sets
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Custom sizes upto 1000mm
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 Metric & Imperial
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Reference, Calibration, Inspection & Workshop Grade
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IS 7014 / BS 5317 standards in metric
BS 1790 in imperial


Standard Dimension of Length Bars up to 1000mm


length gages dimensions

Combination of Length Barslength bar gages

Grades and their selection

Grades are selected as per the area of its use. KCP offers all grades available in standards.

  • Reference Grade: These are most accurate length bars, manufactured with plain ends (without threaded hole) and are used to establish standards.

  • Calibration Grade: They are used to calibrate inspection blocks and very high precision gauging.

  • Inspection Grade: These are manufactured with Internal threaded ends for combination purpose. These are used for Inspection/setting purpose.

  • Work shop Grade: These gauge blocks are used as shop standards for precision measurement.

All our Length standard products and accessories are delivered in quality wooden casing, appended with; Calibration Certificate traceable to National Standards and Instruction Manual on the use and care.