Precision begins here...


KCP Pvt. Ltd. - Gauge Manufacturer

KCP Gauging Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We as Gauge manufacturer are well aware that precision of your products begins from us. This sense of responsibility further kindles our passion for precision. We thereby say ‘Precision begins here’.

Today, our brand means more than engineering excellence. It is a standard of quality across all our activities.

This brand promise encapsulates our commitment to deliver solutions that are advanced, ....

It is a promise that articulates the role we play in our community

We see Brand promise as Customer Experience! And tightly rooted to this philosophy we are committed to give highly accurate Quality Products and Customer Centric Business Processes,

We don’t consider Quality to be restricted to QC domain but it is a continuous process in itself going parallel and integrated with the complete manufacturing.

The Quality systems at KCP match some of the best in the Industry and it significantly contributes to its performance and growth. Our chief responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and competence, the level of quality at KCP not only matches but exceeds our customers' expectations.


The Trusted Brand

to deliver our brand promise we -