Plain Plug Gauges

They are ideal for inspecting holes or slots (pass/fail). They are also used as Masters for setting Micrometers, Vernier Calipers etc.

gauge set

1- 400mm diameter

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Customisation available
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Carbide | Steel
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IS: 3455 (standard for manufacturing tolerance)


Product Information
  • We offer a choice of choosing between GO and NO-GO both made in Tungsten Carbide/Steel and GO in Tungsten Carbide with NO-GO in Steel. The latter type is more popular owing to the cost advantage.

  • We also manufacture Plain Plug Gauges to relevant I.S., B.S. and DIN standards based on customer requests from 1- 400mm diameter.

  • We are also specialize in non-standard designs such as extra lengths, multiple diameters, air grooves, pilots, depth steps and relieved NO-GO ends.
Technical Specifications

plug Gauge - reversible

Type Range
Reversible Ф 0.5-8

* All figures in mm


plug Gauge - taper shank

Type Range Ф8-10 Ф10-14 Ф14-18 Ф18-24 Ф24-30 Ф30-40
Taper Shank L/L1 (Carbide) 10/10 10/10 15/10 15/15 15/15 15/15
  L/L1 (Steel) 10/10 12/10 14/10 16/15 18/15 20/15

* All figures in mm


plug Gauge - trilock

Type Range Ф40-50 Ф 50-65 Ф65-110 Ф110-120
Trilock L/L1 (Carbide) 20/18 20/18 - -
  L/L1 (Steel) 25/18 30/18 35/25 40/25

* All figures in mm


plug Gauge - trilock

Type Range Ф50-100 Ф100-200 Ф200-300 Ф300-400
Plate and paddle L/L1 (Carbide & Steel) 25/20 25/20 30/25 30/25

* All figures in mm